FHR Systems

FIA-approved FHR systems must be worn by drivers and co-drivers in all International competitions, with the following exceptions or provisions:

The wearing of an FIA-approved FHR system is:
a) mandatory for Formula 1 cars of period G and onwards except in case of written dispensation obtained from the FIA Safety Commission;
b) recommended for other historic cars;
c) not mandatory for the following categories of alternative energy vehicles: I, III, IIIA, IV, V Electric Karts, VII and VIII;
d) recommended for alternative energy vehicles in categories II, V Cars and VI with a technical passport issued before 01.01.2006.

For other cars in which for technical reasons it is impracticable to fit the FIA-approved FHR, it will be possible to apply to the FIA Safety Commission for a waiver.

See HERE chart of HANS device compatibility with FIA helmets.