COOL THEARPY what for?

Cold Therapy is Ancient History.

Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems

For thousands of years, ice has been used to reduce pain and swelling. But some nasty side effects come with remedies like ice and frozen gels—like the pain of freezing skin and the very real danger of frostbite. It's the 21st Century, for crying out loud! Isn't it time for a revolution in cold therapy?
You bet it is.
Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems provide all the therapeutic benefits of traditional cold therapy products, but by using a regulated temperature output of 52°F, Black Ice provides comfortable relief without the need for egg timers, skin barriers, or the risk of prehistoric side effects. Simply charge Black Ice in ice water, a freezer or a refrigerator, place it anywhere you need, and experience effective, drug-free relief with an astonishing level of comfort. Starting at $24.95.  
CoolTherapy Benefits
• Reduce Swelling
• Drug-Free pain relief
• Dampen muscle spasms
• Comfort and convenience