Personal Cooling system

The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System–When it comes to fighting off the heat and humidity, nothing's cooler.
The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX Personal Cooling System is a Patented, lightweight two-piece personal cooling system that fits comfortably around the neck. With cool advantages like regulated 13-14°C neck cooling, 20 minute recharging, lightning-fast pack swapping and up to 1.5 hours of cooling duration per recharge, it's easy to see why customers are throwing out their cooling bandanas and other personal cooling contraptions–they've finally found a personal cooling system that really works.


What makes the Black Ice Cool Collar CCX so much better than those other personal cooling products?
• Ergonomic shape was designed from the ground up for extreme comfort
• Unique, Patent Pending technology
• Packs swap out in seconds
• Temperature output unaffected by ambient temp or humidity level
• Lightweight and compact structure (barely 225 gr.)
• Simple to use: Charge pack, attach to wrap, place wrap around neck
• Regulated 13-14°C cooling means refreshing comfort with no ice burn or frostbite
• Up to 1.5 hours of cooling duration per charge
• 20 minute recharge in ice water
• Ergonomically designed for comfort during even rigorous activity
• Designed with racing helmets in mind–automobile, motorcycle, bicycle
• Convenient to use and easy to care for
• Dependable 24/7 cooling with two cool packs and a cooler of ice water The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX comes in two configurations – the twin-pack Cool Collar CCX-S Personal Cooling System and the single-pack Cool Collar CCX-K Personal Cooling Kit.