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Top level seat with integrated head protection. Size L model with high back.

  • FULL WASHABLE seat with neoprene paddings (included). Paddings are changeable.
  • Designed for small cockpit cars with super narrow head protection (400 mm). Preformed shell-leg separator.
  • Seat with high sides in hip/thigh area. The base part is a bit longer in comparison with entry level seats so more support for body/thighs gives you higher comfort for longer distances and you sit deeper in the shell.
  • Anatomically correct back of the seat.
  • Height from the bottom to the harness slot = 661 mm (check your current seat dimension or take measurements by sitting on the floor at the wall and measure distance from the floor to the upper part of the shoulders + 3cm). Measurement should not exceed number given above +9cm.

Seat fabric: Neoprene
Seat shell: gel coated fiberglass
Fixing points: side
Whole seat weight: 7.3 kg

FIA 8855-1999 homologation standard.
(Valid for 5 years from date of manufacturing)

For detailed seat size dimensions, please see the product pictures.