ST5 | Dark smoked (Coloured)


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MEDIUM SMOKED (80%) anti-fog visor.

  • for OPEN COCKPIT/KART ...good choice for use in daylight while sun is not as bright. For bright sunny summer days, use DARK SMOKED versions.
  • for SALOON CARS ...good choice for sunny conditions as car windshields have their own small smoke level and it will gives driver an overall higher level darkening.

- clean only outside part of the visor and use only STILO visor cleaner as it has slightly different formula for cleaning it's delicate outside layer.
- try to not touch inside part of the visor as it has anti-fog coating layer. To clean inside part use only clean, warm and slightly soaped water by rinsing visor into it without using any tool for cleaning. After that rinse in a clear fresh water to avoid soap/calcium sediments while drying out.