Black Ice Cooling

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Refreshing, 24/7 Personal
Cooling You Can Really Feel.

The Cool Collar CCX-S is a comfortable two-piece personal cooling system worn on the neck. With a soft neoprene wrap and two detachable cooling packs that deliver regulated 57°F cooling with a quick 20 minute recharge, the CCX-S provides refreshing, uninterrupted cooling so effective, you just have to feel it to believe it.

CoolSwap™ Wrap
Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort during even the most rigorous activity, this soft and flexible neoprene wrap keeps the cooling element in place—whether you're driving for the green or watching the kids play soccer.

Includes Two CPX Personal Cooling Packs
Black Ice Personal Cooling Packs produce a regulated output of 57°F for up to 1.5 hours. Recharge takes as little as 20 minutes, so swapping packs on the fly is a snap, making convenient and refreshing 24/7 personal cooling just a cooler of ice water away.

Not A Cooling Bandana
Soggy bandanas use evaporation for cooling, so they don't
work in high humidity. Black Ice is unaffected by humidity.
It gives you refreshing 57°F cooling—no matter the weather.