HP7/RS7/RS7K | Regular visors


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Helmet visors for BELL | HP7, RS7 and RS7-K helmet models. These are regular visors WITHOUT iridium coating.
Visor type: SE07 | 3 mm

  • Visor DO have dual pane anti-fog technology on inside of visor.
  • CLEAR (transparent) visor is used when the brightness of the lighting does not interfere with the road. It is especially relevant in the dark. Transparent visor-the basic equipment of almost all helmets.
  • LIGHT SMOKE visor is needed in normal daylight or in bright light.
  • DARK SMOKE visor is prefered in sunny weather when light dazzles the eyes.
  • YELLOW (RAIN) visor is best for dusk, fog (wet) and rain because warm yellow colour highlight the relief of the road, as they add contrast to the perception. This should support your ability to pick out certain colours and shapes in your vision. On the other hand - yellow visor on a fine Sunny day dazzles the eyes.