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Simpson Hybrid Sport is FIA certified Head and Neck Restraint.
Model "Sport" is a lightweight composite version which protects against Front, Side and Offset impacts. Besides the high comfort of the Hybrid Sport, It also allows easier entering and exit out of the race car thanks to the low profile.

Weight: 930gr (Complete).

  • The only certified protection that works just as well on front as side/offset impacts
  • Works with different seat angles
  • Gives superior feeling since belt is laying against your body
  • Smoother, doesn't get stuck in Cage, Seat or window nets.
  • TIP for Rally/Offroad: if you have to get out of the car in the middle of special stage, you can operate quicker (do not have loose stuff on your neck) and get back to the seat then fasten your seatbelts much faster so you loose less time.
  • No need for "Hans" belts (2" width) or 8-points belts to make it work correct

FIA 8858-2010 homologation standard.