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The HANS Pro Ultra Lite is made in the USA. Device applies aerospace grade carbon and weighs 494 gr. for medium size without paddings. This model allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller, tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight reduction without sacrificing strength and the sliding tethers offer exceptional visibility.

TIP! This model is best for endurance race where exit/enter into the car must be done as quick as possible.

Inclination of 20 degrees which is for majority of saloon cars for Circuit, Rally and offroad.

FIA 8858-2010 homologation standard.

Choose your size:
Medium: Neck circumference between 38 and 45.5 cm (15 to 18 inches).
Large: Neck circumference over 45.5 cm (18 inches).